…about the next 5 minutes.

@tom_peters says:  EXCELLENCE  =  SHORT-TERMISM!

EXCELLENCE is not a “long-term” “aspiration”.

EXCELLENCE is the ultimate short-term strategy.


(*or not.)

Since the early 80’s I’ve read every thing Tom Peters has published, beginning with In Search of Excellence.  Business/management books aren’t required reading for Youth Ministers these days, and they certainly weren’t way back then. Still, I was drawn to those type of concepts and it paid off.  Maybe because I lacked the ‘formal’ education and seminary training that just about all of my colleagues were armed with, I relied, and thrived on my self-education, both theological and practical.

Now, almost 40 years later, my mindset hasn’t changed (I don’t think), but my ability to launch, to take-off, to rev up and get started, has…shall we say – slowed, somewhat. In those by-gone days, I was constantly starting new projects and programs, some failed, others were wildly successful and copied by my peers.  I don’t find myself generating new ideas as often as in days past, and thankfully – that concerns me. I realize that I still want to do new things, launch new projects, go to ‘undiscovered country’, and risk failure, but recently there’s not been much of that happening.

Tom’s latest book – The Excellence Dividend, is helping me to get that mojo back!  Reminding me that THE NEXT 5 MINUTES are important! Very important!

My fabulous and incredibly intelligent wife asked me the other day – “What are we going to do next?” My answer – “I’m not sure”. But I’ve thought about that question virtually every day since. I think it’s one of the most powerful questions I’ve ever been asked, and I’m making a list, a mental list at this point, but pretty soon I’ll commit some of the items to paper, and beyond.

If you’re still reading, I’ll ask you – “What are you going to do next?” Think long and hard before you answer, and then let me know. I’d love to have the opportunity to encourage you, and maybe you could do the same for me.


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