…about hoping I didn’t sound dumb!

This past Monday evening, the 16th of September, I was the featured guest on the Dr. Tracey Brown show.  (You can catch a recording at http://www.drtraceybrown.com)

Dr. Brown is a fascinating and very accomplished professional in the fields of both education and self-empowerment, and lots of other things as well.  She invited me to be a guest on the show to talk about nonprofits and some of the challenges they face. By definition, I suppose I am a ‘subject matter expert’, but truthfully – it’s taken a long time for me to feel like an expert.  I’ve been working with nonprofits and in the fundraising field for pretty much all of my adult life.  From writing unique and challenging budgets for Youth Ministry in the early 80’s to consulting, and designing, and conducting countless capital fundraising campaigns for Churches and Nonprofits across the US, and in Africa and Central America, I guess I’ve earned the rank.  Plus, in 2011 I was certified as an “Expert Witness” in the area of Church Stewardship and Giving by the District Court of Los Angeles County, CA.  So, maybe I qualify…

At any rate, since that’s how Dr. Tracey promoted my episode of her show, I was hoping that when the actual taping aired… I wouldn’t embarrass myself or anyone else.  Guess what? I don’t think I did! It turned out pretty good!

As mentioned before, you can find the show at http://www.drtraceybrown.com, take a look and let me know what you think.


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