…that I was getting into my car, but…

…as it turned out, I wasn’t.  Full disclosure here – I did get into a car – a car that was the same make, model and color of my car, even the interior colors were the same, and when I put the key in, you guessed it – it started.  Weird, huh?

Here’s the story:  I went into a store near my house in Keller, got what I needed and headed back out, probably 5 minutes after I had parked, boom-boom in and out.  I had parked almost right in front of the store in one of their ‘designated’ spaces.  I walked out, hit the ‘unlock’ thingy on the key fob, I heard that familiar ‘chirp’, I opened the door and got in.  I thought at first that something was off, but without thinking too much I put the key in the ignition, turned it and started the engine.  Then I began to notice that things around me seemed really odd – there was a can of some kind of Monster-type drink in the console, a lanyard with odd stuff attached was hanging from the rear-view mirror, the smell was odd (not bad, but not ‘my’ smell).  I probably sat there a full minute, trying to figure out what had happened, it was a really odd feeling! Maybe I had accidentally slipped into some alternate universe or something.  Maybe I’d been in the store and stepped into a worm-hole of some kind and this was what my car would look like in a year or so.  It was weird!

After about a minute or so, I realized that I was not where I was supposed to be.  Even though it was somewhat familiar and it was comfortable, still, it wasn’t right.

Maybe you’ve been in a similar situation, although hopefully not as weird as mine today.  Maybe you went to work today and things were familiar, comfortable, but in your gut, you knew it wasn’t right, that this wasn’t where you were supposed to be.  Maybe it wasn’t work, but a situation, a relationship, a stage of life, an attitude you’ve adopted, a direction you found yourself heading, it could be a million things – but suddenly(or slowly) you realize you’re in the wrong place.   It’s happened to me, it’s probably happened to us all in one way or another.  So what do you do?

In my situation today, I got out of that car as fast as any human can exit a car!  Then I began to look around for the police and waited to hear the sirens begin any second! When neither of those things came to pass, I began to look around for the owner of the car – there was no one around.  Then, I began to look for my car and my thought was – “if my key worked in their car, then their key should work in mine, and my car is a lot cleaner and looks less used than this one – I hope it’s still here!” It was.

I left in a hurry, I’m sure you understand.

So here’s the question – when we realize we’re not where we’re supposed to be: mentally, spiritually, psychologically, physically, emotionally, etc., why don’t we GET OUT OF THERE AS QUICKLY AS WE CAN??!!

I was thinking… and I have a couple of theories, but I’d love to hear yours.


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